Synopsys is upgrated to the latest version which isVCS-MX J-2014.12-SP3-5 and Synthesis syn_vK-2015.06-SP4

The high-performance, high-capacity Verilog + VHDL mixed simulators
Please make sure to refer to user documentation about new commands .

Synopsys could be run in jump,bounce and ICL Lab at 4050 SEL               
Add the following lines in .cshrc or .tcshrc file: 
                  setenv SYNOPSYS /usr/local/synopsys
                  setenv VCS_HOME /usr/local/vcs_mx
                  setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 27000@
                  setenv PATH ${PATH}:${SYNOPSYS}/bin:${SYNOPSYS}/sparcOS5/bin
                  setenv PATH ${PATH}:/usr/local/syn06:/usr/local/syn06/bin:/usr/local/vcs_mx/bin
		  setenv PATH ${PATH}:/usr/local/syn10:/usr/local/syn10/bin:/usr/local/syn10/linux/bin