Using Java 1.4.2

J2SE is located on /usr directory on either bert or ernie.
To run java set the path :
set path=($path /usr/j2se/bin)(for .cshrc file)

set path=(/usr/j2se/bin $path \.)(for .tcshrc file)

Here's the information re: setting up path for jdk1.1.5

1. Path Variable - Add the absolute path of the "jdk1.1.5/bin" directory to your Unix path variable, as follows. The path variable enables Solaris to find the executables (javac, java, javadoc, etc.) from any current directory. To find out if the path is currently set for any java tools, execute: ernie> which java This will print the path to java, if it can find it. If you use the C shell (csh) or T shell(tcsh), you can set the path in your startup file (~/.cshrc) or (~/.tcshrc>as follows, for example: set path=($path /usr/local/jdk1.1.5/bin)(for .cshrc file)

set path=(/usr/local/jdk1.1.5/bin $path \.)(for .tcshrc file)
Then load the startup file and verify that the path is set by repeating the "which" command above: ernie> source ~/.cshrc or source ~/.tcshrc ernie>which java
This will print the path to java. For more information on Java, click here.Java_README

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