About Cadence Products.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIC, as Cadence University Program Member

offers to its students a large range of Cadence Products which are used for course and research work.

For more information contact the teaching Instructor of the ECE Class where the Cadence Products

are used.

Currently Cadence Products can be run from icl lab machines 4050 SEL using Xmanager

or remotley on bounce.ece.uic.edu & jump.ece.uic.edu using an Xwindow software(Xming or Xmanager).

We have several version of Cadence installed( IC5141, IC615,IC616 and IC617) on both servers

In order to run you should set up the enviroment as follows :

1. dot files:

a. add following lines to .cshrc or .tcshrc file:

#For Cadence products user

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/opt/cds/tools/bin:/opt/cds/tools/dfII/bin

setenv CDS_Netlisting_Mode "Analog"


setenv CADENCE /opt/cds

setenv CDS_LIC_FILE 5280@

# end for Cadence

After adding these lines, do: source .cshrc or source .tcshrc

*****To run other versions you need to adjust your path in the path definition*****

For IC514 use cds, for IC615 use cds6, for IC616 use cds616, and for IC617 use cds617

You also need to add ( setenv OA_UNSUPPORTED_PLAT "linux_rhel50_gcc44x" )to .tcshrc


To Run Cadence:

1. Cadence tools,for IC5141, can be started from any directory by typing: icfb &

2. Cadence tools,for later versions, can be started from from cadence specific directory by typing: virtuoso -64

3. And on-line manuals can be accessed by typing: cdsdoc

Note: When using cdsdoc, or viewing documentations via help menu item, sometimes one will be prompted with a pop-up window telling that either need to delete a file named lock under $HOME/.netscape/, or can choose cancel. We suggest you choose "cancel", and that will give you the documentation you want (no need to really start another netscape).

Licensing Professor- Shantanu Dutt 312.355.1314

University of Illinois at Chicago


Platform- bounce & jump( Linux)

For more info go to http:// www.cadence.com

Cadence is a registered trademark of Cadence Systems, Inc., 2655 Seely Avenue, San Jose, CA 95134

Last updated March, 2017