Changing Initialization Files (26-Oct-1997)
Changing Initialization Files

There are a number of files that are processed automatically when certain events happen. These are the startup, or initialization files. They all begin with a period, making them hidden, and therefore not visible unless you add the '-a' switch to ls. The common files on this system include:

When changing startup files, it is a good idea to back up the file you are going to edit, in case you somehow destroy or damage it. For instance, before you were going to edit your .tcshrc file you would type
>mv .tcshrc .tcshrc.bak
This would make a backup copy of your file, so in case the new one had ill effects, you could easily switch back to the old one.

 To edit a startup files, use any common text editor.

 Each of these files has a default copy somewhere in the system. If you have your own file, this default file may be skipped, or it might be processed in addition to your personal file. 

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