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The following is a list of all undergraduate level Electrical and Computer Engineering courses which will be offered effective Fall Semester 2001. This list and the contents of each course (description, prerequisites, textbooks and topics) are subject to change as the department programs undergo periodic revisions. Please remember that not all courses may be offered every semester.

If you have questions or are unable to find information that you are seeking please contact the Student Affairs Office at: 312.413.2291 or 312.996.4325, 312.996.6465(fax), or send e-mail to ugrad-info[at]ece[dot]uic[dot]edu.


Teaching Assignments 
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Course Offering Schedule 
Course Descriptions
Course Number Course Title
115 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
210 Electrical Circuit Analysis
225 Circuit Analysis 
265 Introduction to Logic Design
267 Computer Organization I
310 Discrete and Continuous Signals and Systems
311 Communication Engineering
317 Digital Signal Processing I
322 Communication Electromagnetics
333 Computer Communication Networks I
340 Electronics I
341 Probability and Random Processes for Engineers 
342 Electronic II
346 Solid State Device Theory
347 Integrated Circuit Engineering
350 Principles of Automatic Control
366 Computer Organization II
367 Microprocessor-Based Design 
368 CAD-Based Digital Design
392 Undergraduate Research
396 Senior Design I
397 Senior Design II
398 Undegraduate Design/Research
401 Quasi-Static Electric and Magnetic Fields
407 Pattern Recognition I
410 Network Analysis
412 Introduction to Filter Synthesis
415 Image Analysis and Computer Vision I.
417 Digital Signal Processing II
418 Statistical Digital Signal Processing
421 Introduction to Antennas and Wireless Propagation
423 Electromagnetic Compatibility
424 RF and Microwave Guided Propagation
427 Modern Linear Optics
431 Analog Communication Circuits
432 Digital Communications
434 Multimedia Systems
436 Computer Communication Networks II
437 Wireless Communications
442 Power Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits
445 Analysis and Design of Power Electronic Circuits
448 Transistors
449 Microdevices and Micromachining Technology
451 Control Engineering
452 Robotics: Algorithms and Control 
458 Electromechanical Energy Conversion
465 Digital Systems Design
466 Advanced Computer Architecture
467 Introduction to VLSI Design
468 Analog and Mixed Signal VLSI Design
469 Computer Systems Design
491 Seminar 
493 Special Problems
499 Professional Development Seminar

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