ECE 367 - Microprocessor Based Design

Description: Credit 4. Microprocessor architecture; microprogrammed machines; programmer's model; control signals and timing; system buses; parallel and serial interfacing; interrupt processing; I/O devices; memory devices; direct memory access; assembly language. 

Prerequisites: ECE 267; and gr. of C or bett. in ECE 265; or gr. of C or bett. in CS 366.


1. Assembly Language
2. Microprocessor architecture and microprogrammed machines
3. System buses
4. Control signals and bus timing
5. Parallel interfacing

6. Serial interfacing
7. Memory systems and direct memory access
8. Interrupt processing

9. MComparison of microprocessors such as the: 8085, Z80, 6809, 68HC11, 68000, etc.
10.Microcomputer design
11.Multiprocessor systems and bus arbitration
12.Practical applications