ECE 350 - Principles of Automatic Control

Description:  Credit 4. transfer function; block diagrams; flow graphs; state space canonic forms; stability analysis; steady state and transient analysis; feedback control; continuous to discrete conversion; digital control.

Prerequisite:  Grade of C or better in ECE 310

Textbooks:  "Modern Control Systems," D.C. Dorf and R.H. Bishop, Addison-Wesley, 1998.


1. Review of Laplace transform and Z-transform 
2. Block diagrams and signal flow graphs 
3. Transfer function 
4. Steady state and transient analysis 
5. State space representation 
6. Stability analysis 
7. Sampling analysis 
8. Feedback control 
      a) frequency response
      b) root locus design
      c) Nyquist criterion and design
9. Digital control design 
      a) overview of computer control
      b) digital design
      c) direct digital control