ECE 347 - Integrated Circuit Engineering

Description:  Credit 3. Introduction to processing technology of integrated circuits: thin film deposition, doping, oxidation, epitaxy and lithography. Design, layout, assembly, testing and yield. Design project.

Prerequisite:  CHEM 112 and grade of C or better in ECE 225

Textbooks: Integrated Circuit Engineering, Glaser-Subak-Sharpe, Addison-Wesley and Microelectronic Processing, W. Scot Ruska, McGraw-Hill, 1987.


1. Design of passive elements: resistor and capacitors 
2. Photolithography 
3. Physics and chemistry of processing 
    a. thin film deposition
    b. epitaxy
    c. oxidation
    d. ion implantation. 

4. Design of active devices: bipolar and MOS transistors 

5. Design of silicon integrated circuits 

6. Assembly techniques, testing and yield of integrated circuits