ECE 342 - Electronics II

Description:  Credit 4. Differential amplifiers. Feedback amplifiers. Frequency response, stability and compensation of amplifiers. Circuit implementation of logic gates in various logic families. Bistable and memory circuits.

Prerequisite:  (ECE 340)

Textbooks:  1. Microelectronic Circuits, Sedra and Smith, HRW (latest edition).
                   2. Electronic Circuit Design, Savant, Roden and Carpenter; Benjamin Cummings (latest edition).


  • Differential and multistage amplifiers 
  • Frequency response of amplifiers, stability and compensators 
  • Feedback amplifiers 
  • Sinusoidal oscillators 
  • Waveshaping and waveform generators, comparators and their applications 
  • Power amplifiers 
  • Logic gate structures using field-effect transistors
  • Logic gate expansions, extensions, and interconnections 
  • Memory cells and sense amplifiers