ECE 322 - Communication Electromagnetics

Description:  Credit 3. Plane waves in various media. Polarization and Stoke's parameters. Scalar and vector potentials. Guided wave propagation. Radiation. Linear antennas and antenna parameters. Linear arrays.

Prerequisite:  Grade of C or better in ECE 225.

Textbooks:  Liang Shen and Jim Au Kong, "Applied Electromagnetism", (Third Edition)
PWS Publishing Company, Boston, MA, 1995.


1. Plane Waves in various media 
2. Polarization and Stoke's parameters 
3. Scalar and vector potentials 
4. Guided Propagation:
     a. Parallel-plate waveguide 
     b. Rectangular waveguide 
     c. Dielectric slab waveguide 
5. Radiation:
     a. Hertzian dipole 
     b. Linear Antennas 
     c. Antenna parameters 
     d. Fundamentals of arrays