ECE 317 - Digital Signal Processing I

Description:  Credit 4. sampling theorem; discrete signals and systems; discrete time Fourier transform; DFT; FFT; IIR and FIR digital filter design; stability; DSP applications; laboratory.

Prerequisite:  Grade of C or better in ECE 310

Textbooks:  Jervis, "Digital Signal Processing,A Practical Approach," 1998.


1. Discrete time signals and systems and 
2. Analysis of discrete time systems 
    a.  Frequency response 
    b.  Z-transform and properties 
    c.  Stability and complete response 
3. Structures for discrete time systems 
5. Properties of analog filters and frequency transformations 
6. Design of finite impulse response digital filters 
7. Design of infinite impulse response digital filters 
8. Discrete Fourier transform and fast Fourier transform algorithm and applications