ECE 115 - Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering

Description: Credit 4U. Concepts of electrical and computer engineering including: circuit analysis, fundamental electromagnetics, electronic devices, sensors, communication, digital logic, programming, numeroys practical applications: laboratory. 

Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in MATH 180.


1) Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering, D.W. Kerns, and J.D. Irwin:ISBN:0-13-923970-7, Prentice-Hall, 2004.

2) MATLAB:An Introduction with Applications, Third Edition, Amos Gilat, ISBN:978-0-470-10877-2, Wiley,2008.

Tutorials are provided on course website. Electronic equipment is provided in the laboratory. Computer facilities are provided in laboratory and departmental PC lab.


  • Matrix algebra
  • Complex time functions
  • Continuous and discrete signals
  • DC circuits and physical principles
  • Logic circuits, Boolean algebra
  • Electronic devices, amplifiers, sensors
  • Communication, electromagnetics, information
  • Data representation, binary arithmetic
  • Digital systems
  • Computer organization
  • Higher level language programming
  • Apply concepts to communication