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Andrew Electromagnetics Laboratory
  Director: P. L. E. Uslenghi , Associated Faculty: D. Erricolo, Sharad R. Laxpati and David Hung-Yu Yang
Computational Intelligence Lab
  Director: Derong Liu
Communication and Sensing Lab
  Director: Wolfgang M. Boerner
Computer Vision and Robotics Lab
  Co-Directors: Milos Zefran and Boaz Super
Design Automation and Reconfiguration Technology (DART) Lab
  Director: Prof. Shantanu Dutt
Laboratory For Energy and Switching Electronics Systems
  Director:  Sudip K. Mazumder
Machine Vision Lab
  Director:  Jezekiel Ben-Arie
Nanotechnology Core Facility
  Director: Vitali Metlushko, Associated Faculty: Mitra Dutta, Derrick Mancini, Alan Feinerman, and Michael Stroscio
Multimedia Communications Laboratory
  Co-Directors: Rashid Ansari and Dan Schonfeld, Associated Faculty: Ashfaq Khokhar, Roland Priemer and Oliver Yu
Multimedia Systems Lab/Scalable Parallel Algorithms Lab
  Director: Ashfaq Khokhar
Wireless Communications Lab
  Co-Directors: Prof. Daniela Tuninetti and Prof. Yingwei Yao
Signal/Image Research Lab
  Director: Daniel Graupe, Associate Director: Roland Priemer
Associated Faculty: Rashid Ansari, Jezekiel Ben-Arie, Bin He, Arye Nehorai, and Dan Schonfeld