ECE 594 - Special Topics

Description:  Credit 4. May be repeated for credit. Students may register for more than one section per term.  Subject matter varies from term to term and section to section, depending on the specialities of the instructor.

Prerequisite:  Consent of the instructor

Textbooks:  Sample to be provided


1. Shared asynchronous systems 
        Electronic mail
        Structured messaging systems
        Collaborative writing
        Process coordination
2. Shared synchronous systems 
        Real-time problem solving
        Real-time group decision making
        Formal meeting support
3. Empirical studies of collaborative environments 
        Group design studies
        Group decision-making studies
        Studies of unstructured message systems
        Coordination technology experiences
4. Implementation issues 
        User interface design and evaluation
        Communications requirements
        Database access and security
       Audio and video capabilities
5. Design methodologies