ECE 567 - Advanced VLSI Design 

Description:  Credit 4. VLSI subsystem and system design: synthesis, design styles, design process, testing. Case Studies: switching networks, graphics engine, CPU. Projects use computer-aided design tools.

Prerequisite:  ECE 467

Textbooks:  N. Weste & K. Eshaghian, "Principles of CMOS VLSI Design", 1985, Addison


1. CMOS Subsystem Design 
     a.  Adders
     b.  Memory Design
     c.  Data Paths
     d.  PLAs
2. VLSI System Design 
     a.  Synthesis
     b.  Design Styles
     c.  Design Process
     d.  Testing
3. Case Studies 
     a.  Dynamic Time Warp Processor
     b.  Real-Time Video Moment Generator
     c.  Self-Routing Switching Network
     e.  Graphics Engine
     f.  32-Bit CPU