ECE 552 - Nonlinear Control

Description:  Credit 4. Nonlinear phenomena, linear and piecewise linear approximations, describing functions, servomechanisms,  phase plane, limit cycles, Lyapunov's stability theory, bifurcation, bilinear control, vibrational control, learning systems.

Prerequisite:  ECE 550 or consent of instructor

Textbooks:  H. Khalil, Nonlinear Systems (3rd ed.), Prentice Hall, 2002.


  • Classification of non-linear phenomena
  • Linear and piecewise linear approximations
  • Phase-plane techniques
  • The describing function
  • Limit cycle
  • Stability concepts/Liapunov-Popov Theory
  • Stability analysis/bifuncation theory
  • Bilinear control
  • Vibrational control
  • Learning systems