ECE - Computation Electromagnetics 

Description: Credit 4. Finite-element; finite-difference solution; computer aided solutions: integral equations, method of moments, transform and interactive solutions; FD-TD; singularity expansion method; and practical problems in radiation and scattering.

Prerequisites: ECE 520

Recent Textbook: K. Umashankar, Computational Electromagnetics, Artech House Publishing, 1993.


  •  Finite element method
  •  Finite difference method
  •  Solution of Poisson’s and Helmholtz’s equations
  •  Integral equation formulations
  •  Method of moments and applications
  •  Transform method one and two dimension
  •  Conjugate gradient method
  •  Interactive solutions
  •  Time domain analysis
  •  Finite-difference and time domain technique
  •  Singularity expansion method
  •  Practical scattering and radiation problems