ECE 469 - Computer Systems Design

Description:  Credit 3U/4G.  Analysis and modeling of digital systems; hardware description languages; CAD tools for simulation, synthesis, and verification of computer systems.  Project: a simple processor design  Same as CS 469.

Prerequisite:  CS 366; or ECE 366 and ECE 368

Textbooks:  Douglas Perry, VHDL, McGraw-Hill, 1998.


  • Design methodology using hardware description languages:          
        digital system design process; hardware description languages;
        structural, data-flow, behavioral specifications.
  • An HDL:  basic concepts, basic language elements, data types,     
        operators, control structures. 
  • Timing and concurrency. 
  • Structural specifications:  gate-level description;               
        wiring; modeling a digital system.
  • Design organization and management:  subprograms; packaging;      
  • Data-flow specifications:  multiplexing and data selection;       
        state machine description. 
  • Behavioral specifications:  process statement; sequential and     
        concurrent signal assignment; component instantiation.
  • CPU modeling and design:  instruction set, instruction format     
        memory organization; timing and clocking; interconnection and
        components; data and control partitioning; timing of data and
        control events.
  • Simulation and verification, testbench modeling. 
  • Synthesis methodology, resource sharing.