ECE 467 - Introduction to VLSI Design

Description:  Credit 4U/5G.  MOS, CMOS circuits VLSI technology, CMOS circuit characterization and evaluation. Static and dynamic MOS circuits, system design, faults, testing, and symbolic layout.

Prerequisite: ECE 340


1. Principles of CMOS VLSI Design, by West and Eshraghian, Addison Wesley. (TEXTBOOK)
2. Introduction to nMOS and CMOS VLSI Systems Design, by McViherjee, Prentice Hall.
3. Introduction to VLSI Systems, by Mead and Conway, Addison-Wesley.


1. CMOS vs. BiCMOS vs. bipolar technologies

2. VLSI technology, mask requirement and design rules

3. Technology scaling, short channel effects and quantum effects

4. Circuit characterization and performance analysis

5. Static and dynamic CMOS circuits

6. System and subsystem design

7. Fault simulation and testing of VLSI circuits

8. Symbolic layout

9. Yield analysis and advanced topics