ECE 452 - Robotics:  Algorithms and Control

Description:  Credit 3U/4G. Kinematic and dynamic modeling of robots; configuration space; motion planning algorithms; control of robots; sensors and perception; reasoning; mobile robots.

Prerequisite:  CS 201; & gr. of C or bett. in ECE 210 or gr. of C or bett. in ECE 225

Textbooks:  The students will be given a set of notes for each topic.


  • (*) John J. Craig, "Introduction to Robotics: Mechanical and
  • Control", 2nd Ed., Addison-Wesley, 1989.
  • Joseph Jones, Anita Flynn, and Bruce Seiger, "Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation," 2nd Ed., 

  • A.K.Peters, 1999.
  •  Jean-Claude Latombe, "Robot Motion Planning," Kluwer, 1991.
  • Introduction 
  • Robot kinematics 
  • Robot dynamics 
  • Motion planning 
  • Control of robots 
  • Sensors and perception 
  • Reasoning 
  • Mobile robots