ECE 449 - Microdevices and Micromachining Technology

Description:  Credit 4U/5G. Microfabrication techniques for microsensors, microstructures, and microdevices. Selected examples of physical/chemical sensors and actuators. Simulation experiments. 

Prerequisite:  ECE 347 or consent of instructor

Textbooks: "Micromachined Transducers Sourcebook," by Gregory Kovacs. 


  • Middelhoek & Audet, "Silicon Sensors," Academic Press, 1989. 
  • Ruska, "Microelectronic Processing," McGraw Hill, 1987. 
1. Introduction
    a. taxonomy of transducers, introduction to device fabrication
    b. scaling effects,physical limits of microfabrication.

2. Micromachining Processes
    a. bulk micromachining
    b. surface micromachining
    c. reactive sputtering
    d. the LIGA process

3. Physical Transducers
    Case studies:
     a. silicon pressure sensor
     b. silicon microaccelerometer
     c. comb-drive electrostatic actuators.

4. Chemical Transducers
    Case studies:
     a.  Clark oxygen microelectrode
     b.  Ultrathin platinum film glucose sensor
     c.  Light addressable potentiometric sensors.
     d.  Transducer Interface Circuits