ECE 432 - Digital Communications

Description: Credit 3U/4G. Source coding, quantization, signal representation, channel noise, optimum signal reception, digital modulation: ASK, PSK, FSK, MSK, M-ary modulation. Probability of error. Inter-symbol interference.

Prerequisite:  ECE 311 and ECE 341

Textbooks:  Required: J.G. Proakis and M. Salehi, "Communication Systems Engineering," Prentice Hall, 1994.

Reference Books:

  • S. Haykin, "Communication Systems," Wiley, 1994.
  • J.G. Proakis, "Digital Communications," McGraw-Hill, 1995.


  • Review of random processes, noise models 
  • Information theory, source coding, quantization 
  • Signal modulation and geometric representation 
  • Optimum reception, correlator, matched filter 
  • SASK, FSK, PSK, QAM, MSK, M-ary modulation 
  • Probality of error, signal bandwidth 
  • Intersymbol interference and equalization 
  • Selected topics