ECE 424 - RF and Microwave Guided Propagation

Description: Credit 4 U/5G. Maxwell’s equations, transmission lines, Smith chart, strip lines, rectangular and circular waveguides, TE and TM waves, wave impedance, resonators, two-port parameters, power and energy considerations.  

Prerequisites: ECE 225 and ECE 322

Recent Textbooks: Peter A. Rizzi, Microwave Engineering: Passive Circuits, Prentice Hall, 1988, ISBN: 0135867029
David M. Pozar, Microwave Engineering, 3rd Edition, Wiley,2004, ISBN: 0-471-44878-8


1. Introduction and review
        Maxwell’s equations  
        Plane wave propagation in homogeneous media

2. Transmission line parameters and equations
        Time harmonic waves
        Lossy and lossless lines
        Smith transmission chart

3.  Rectangular wave guides
        TE and TM waves  
        Wave impedance  
        Maximum power handling  
        Equivalent circuit

4. Circular and other waveguides
        TE and TM waves  
        Wave impedance  
        Power and losses  
        Equivalent transmission line  
        Ridge guide
5. Coaxial and strip line components
        Characteristics and design of strip lines  
        Phase shifters  
        Discontinuities and filters
6. Resonators
7. Exams
8. Laboratory

Laboratory Topics

1.  Introduction to the high-frequency laboratory
2.  Measurements of wavelength
3.  Measurements of VSWR and reflection coefficients
4.  Attenuation and insertion losses
5.  Power measurements
6.  Impedance measurements
7.  Impedance matching
8.  Network analyzer: Introduction
9.  Network analyzer:  calibration
10.Network analyzer: two-port microwave device measurements
11.Network analyzer: evaluation of coaxial cables
12. Network analyzer: directional coupler characteristics
13. Network analyzer: waveguide tees
14. Computational methods