ECE 423 - Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibilty

Description:  Credit 3U/4G. EMC requirements for electronic systems. Nonideal behavior of components. Radiated and conducted emissions. Susceptibility. Coupling and shielding. Electrostatic discharge. System design for EMS.

Prerequisite:  ECE 322

Textbooks:  C.R. Paul, "Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility," New York: Wiley, 1992.


  • Aspects and history of EMC 
  • EMC requirements for electronic systems 
  • Review of basic electromagnetic concepts 
  • Nonideal behavior of components 
  • Signal spectra 
  • Radiated and conducted emissions; susceptibility 
  • Coupling and Shielding 
  • Electrostatic discharge 
  • System design for EMC