ECE 415 - Image Analysis and Computer Vision I

Description:  Credit 3U/4G. Image formation, geometry and stereo. Two-dimensional image analysis by fourier and other 2D transforms. Image enhancement, color, image segmentation, compression, feature extraction, object recognition.

Prerequisite:  MATH 310; or grade of C or better in ECE 310


1. Elements of Image Processing Systems 

2. Human Visual System

3. Imaging Geometry - Affine and Perspective Transforms 

4. Stereo Imaging 

5. Image Sampling and Quantization 

6. 2-D Transforms
  a. Introduction to 1D and 2D Discrete Fourier Transforms 
  b. Properties of 2-D Fourier Transforms 
  c. Other Seperable 2D Transforms (Walsh, Hadamard, DCT) 
  d. The Karhunen-Loeve Transform 

7. Image Enhancement
  a. Enhancement by point processing - Histogram Equalization 
  b. Enhancement by spatial filtering 
  c. Homomorphic Filtering 

8. Color Image Procesing 

9. Linear Operators by Circulant Matrices 

10. Fundamentals of Image Coding
  a. Elements of Information Theory - Image Compression Methods 
  b. Lossless Coding - Huffman and Arithmetic Coding 
  c. Transform Coding 
  d. Standard Video Compression - JPEG 

11. Image Segmentation
  a. Edge an Feature Detection 
  b. Tresholding 
  c. Region Segmentation

12. Shape Representation and Segmentation 

13. Elements of Machine Vision
  a. Matching of templates + Expansion Matching 
  b. Optimal Statistical Classifiers 
  c. Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition 
  d. Introduction to Object Recognition - Indexing 
  e. Morphology