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Arye Nehorai

Contact Information
312.996.6465 (fax)
851 S. Morgan M/C 154
Chicago, IL 60607
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Stanford University, 1983
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering
Technion, Israel, 1979
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
Technion, Israel, 1976
Professional Achievements
  Fellow of the IEEE, since 1994
  Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, since 1996
  Associate Editor of five IEEE journals and three others, from 1987
  Senior Award for Best Paper, IEEE Signal Processing Society, 1989
  Faculty Research Award, UIC College of Engineering, 1999
  Chair, Technical Committee on Sensor Array and Multichannel (SAM) Processing, IEEE Signal
    Processing Society, 2000--2002
  Co-General Chair, First and Second IEEE SAM Signal Processing Workshops, 2000 and 2002
  Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, January 2000 to December 2002
  Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Division, UIC, 2001-2002
  Adviser of Outstanding PhD Thesis Award, UIC, 2001
  University Scholar Award, University of Illinois, since 2001
  Founder and Guest Editor, Special Column on Leadership Reflections, IEEE Signal Processing
    Magazine, since 2003
  Vice President-Publications Elect, IEEE Signal Processing Society, since 2003
Chair of the Publications Board, IEEE Signal Processing Society, since 2003
Member of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee, IEEE Signal Processing Society, since 2003
Co-author of 2003 Young Author Best Paper Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society, 2004
Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE Signal Processing Society, January 2004 to December 2005
    Recipient, 2004 Magazine Paper Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society.
    Chairman, Chicago Chapter of IEEE Signal Processing Society, since 2005.
    Principal Investigator, Multi-university Research Initiative (MURI) grant on Adaptive Waveform Diversity for Full Spectral Dominance, AFOSR, 2005 to 2008.
Research Interests
Professor Nehorai's research interests are in signal processing, communications, and biomedicine.