ECE Instructional Facilities

  Electronics Instructional Laboratories

840 W. Taylor, Rm 3260

The ECE department maintains extensive instructional lab facilities devoted to a wide range of electrical engineering applications. The Electronics Instructional Laboratories (EIL), located in the Science and Engineering Laboratory building, consist of nine electrical engineering undergraduate laboratories which support fourteen ECE courses.

The educational philosophy of the ECE department is to provide a practical application environment to supplement the theoretical principles and technical knowledge taught in the classroom. The laboratory environment also gives students the opportunity to become familiar with state of the art engineering practices.

Instructional Computing Laboratories 

840 W. Taylor, Rm 4050 SEL and 4053 SEL

The ECE Department also maintains an Instructional Computing Laboratory for ECE students of both disciplines. The computers are located in Rm 4050 SEL and 4053 SEL, and accessible through dial-up lines or the campus-wide fiber optic Academic Data Network. The facility is connected to the Internet via Ethernet.

The Instructional Computing Laboratories span several rooms and are located in the following rooms of the Sciences and Engineering Laboratories building located at 840 W. Taylor St:  
4th Floor

To report an ECE/ICL computing or networking problem, go to the Online Computer Support System; and for general information about the ECE computing facilities, ECE-how-to-computing information, etc., go to the ICL Consultants Site.

ECE ICL Machines

Interior view of ERFEngineering Research Facility